Frequently Asked Questions


How will you price my rug cleaning?
Most of our cleaning and specialty services are priced by the square foot. We figure the rug’s square footage by measuring the rug end-to-end and side-to-side. We include the fringe in the rug’s measurement. Multiply those 2 numbers and that will give you the square footage (L x W= ft²).  You can call or email with your rug’s square footage and we will give you an estimate. For repairs we usually need to see the rug. Bring it in or have us pick it up, we will provide cost estimates via phone and email prior to performing any work.

How often should I clean my rugs?
If a rug still shows soil after vacuuming it may be time to have it professionally cleaned. The time between cleanings can vary quite a bit. Rugs in entryways, living rooms, or other high traffic areas may need cleaning every 6 months; in lower traffic areas (dining rooms, etc.) every 2-4 years may be enough. If rugs become soiled with pet accidents, drink, or food spills they would ideally be cleaned as soon as possible after the incident.

Do you charge for pickup and delivery?
If we are picking the rugs up from Indianapolis or most of the surrounding areas, we do not charge for pickup or delivery. Pickup and deliveries outside our service area will incur a pickup and delivery charge. Call for more details on our service area.

Can rugs really be washed? Won’t they shrink?
Yes, rugs can be washed. It is the most effective way to remove the most soil possible from the rug. Shrinkage can be an issue, but it is very rare and it is usually correctable. We will address this prior to cleaning if we believe it may be a problem for your specific rug. Almost all handmade rugs were washed after they came off the loom, before they were available for sale.

Will the dyes run?
Generally, no, most rugs will not have any color run or dye run during the wash. Certain pre-existing conditions can make it more likely for a rug to bleed such as pet urine, water damage, etc. With that said, with skill and great technique dye run is not a problem. Feel free to stop by our plant, we would love to show you what we can do!

How can I clean or spot my rug at home?
Removal of certain spots at home is possible. Call our office and we would be happy to help you decide what to do. Resist the temptation to use over-the-counter spot removers. Most are too aggressive and contain some type of bleach. Spotters applied directly to the rug can leave soap residue and cause rapid resoiling.

Can you remove the spots on my rugs?
Generally, yes, most can be removed. Depending on what type of spots, and what has been done to it already, can make a big difference. Some of the worst looking spots (red wine, food dyes, coffee, smoothies, urine) can be easy for a professional rug cleaner to remove or improve.

How do I know if my rug is worth repairing?
It can be difficult to decide what to do with a rug. We offer FREE verbal appraisals and repair estimates; we can help you sort out the options. Bring in your rug or call us to get started!

Can you tell me where my rug is from and what it’s worth?
Yes, we offer verbal appraisals at no charge. We will provide our opinion of age, origin, and value for any rug brought to our plant. We can also prepare written appraisal that include the information listed above as well as technical description and photos, we do charge for written appraisals.